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Rubaga -masaka road

Save Sowe

As we are starting off the year 2020,let us take this opportunity to welcome back all comrades that moved with us late last year to go and reach out to these people.Based on the survey that we undertook on the island,a lot is lacking dear friends.

There is no single health care unit on the island and no maternity health services are accorded to pregnant mothers on the island.Hence many of them have died off in line of giving birth.On record,ten(10) mothers die every month as a result of this challenge.The highest that the young people on the island can access is Primary five and the school is in a deplorable state.With just one teacher on the entire Island,serving and attending to over 200 pupils this adds on the above challenge.Therefore,many young girls in the age of 10-14years have ended up being victims of teenage pregnancies as a result of failure to complete schools and attend school as well.Also,many have ended up being victims of drug abuse as a result of being idol and lacking what to do.

There is no access to clean drinking water,and with a population of over 1000-people,there is only a two roomed pit latrine which must be accessed by all these people and the young ones as well.We therefore call upon all stake holders and interested individuals to get on board for a fundraising dinner which we are to set up soon to ensure that we set up a school and a health care unit at the island.

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