Is a research and advocacy program   that focuses on how Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can support human rights, democratic processes and digital governance. It works towards a world where all people, and especially women, are able to safely exercise their right of expression. 

The digital world is a new chapter in human development. enabled by extraordinary technological advances, digitalization has fundamentally transformed the way we live, work and communicate. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics are not merely assisting human beings in their working lives but learning to become just like them, thus threatening to replace human work with higher efficiency. This program is to raise questions of ethics and liability.

By 2050 6.5 billion people will live in urban spaces ,sustainable ,development cannot be achieved without significantly transforming the way we build and manage our communities spaces.
SDG 11 of the Agenda 2030 therefore talks about making communities  inclusive,safe,resilient and sustainable .only a decade ago the promise of optimizing communities spheres through the extensive use of ICT.

The program annually equips 500 youths with marketable, digital skills and builds their capacities to become effective community leaders.

We campaign for a world where technology will empower and enable us, not exploit our data for profit and power. This involves uncovering and researching misuse of our data, and shining a light on how technologies are being used to track, monitor, profile and manipulate us.

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