Community Transformation

Smart Youth Network Imitative believes that young Ugandan have a meaningful contribution they can make on issues in line with the community.

So far, we have transformed several communities in Uganda, to mention; –

  • West Nile Region in the areas of Arua
  • Western Uganda
  • Sowe lsland, located in Mukowo south
  • Areas of Butambala,Gomba and Mpigi

In the West Nile, our team has managed to encourage young people leaving with HIV/AIDS to be better people in the society through empowering them with life skills such as making Liquid soap making money out of collecting plastics and selling it to get money for comparies that transform waste/plastics (Recycle)

Therefore, these young people have had transformed lives, and can have what to eat and drink from selling the liquid soap and plastics, project is still running.

Currently, we are running community Program at Sowe Island which is referred to as #SAVESOWE

At sowe, there is no access to clean drinking water, no access to schools both primary and secondary and No Access to any health facility.

On this account, young people though SYNI started a mobilization campaign to rise fund so that people at SOWE can have a stable health care system at the island, a well-built secondary and primary school and also better access to clean drinking water.

Project still running

In the of areas of Butambala,Gomba and Mpigi, we have ecrended our skilling programs in the areas of making Liquid soap ,Briquettes agriculture among other.

We look forward to extending such projects to almost all regions in Uganda for Sustainable development and an equal society.

You can join us to end water related challenges in Uganda by choosing to celebrate your memorable day by supporting to create a smile on faces of the unprivileged societies in Uganda. You can choose to donate a well, water tank, water filter or construct a pit-latrine to benefit over 500 school children.

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