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Sustainable Agriculture and Environment Conservation Program

SYNI’s mission is to mobilize and inspire youth to stop degradation of the natural environment and build communities resilient to the impacts of climate change. We recognize the need for behavioral change, innovations and enhanced access to information among young people which is crucial in determining the future of this planet. The goal is to ensure sustainable […]


Save Sowe

As we are starting off the year 2020,let us take this opportunity to welcome back all comrades that moved with us late last year to go and reach out to these people.Based on the survey that we undertook on the island,a lot is lacking dear friends. There is no single health care unit on the […]


Community Transformation

Smart Youth Network Imitative believes that young Ugandan have a meaningful contribution they can make on issues in line with the community. So far, we have transformed several communities in Uganda, to mention; – In the West Nile, our team has managed to encourage young people leaving with HIV/AIDS to be better people in the society through empowering them with life skills such as making Liquid soap making money out of collecting plastics and selling it to […]



Is a research and advocacy program   that focuses on how Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can support human rights, democratic processes and digital governance. It works towards a world where all people, and especially women, are able to safely exercise their right of expression.  The digital world is a new chapter in human development. enabled by extraordinary technological advances, digitalization has fundamentally transformed the way we […]